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Custom Double Bridle
Custom Snaffle Bridle
Beautiful Dressage Bridle
Custom Dressage Bridle
Custom Fancy Cavasson

All of the headstalls are made by hand, one at a time just like our other gear. All buckles are hand sewn, edges are rubbed and finished. We use Herman Oak English Bridle Leather.   We find this leather great to work with,  pliable and wears great with daily use.  All of these bridles shown are for the showring but are also the "daily users".

Custom beaded  & sterling silver browband on headstall with  fancy stainless steel buckles. Patent gator noseband with thick padding.

Chanel E.B. aka "Bunny"

Very handsome headstall with silver chain/crystals browband, British Tan padding & silver leather beading, faux gator inlay noseband.   Padded crownpiece.  This headstall is can easily converted to a double bridle if necessary by adding a bradoon strap and removing the flash loop.

Fancy Weymouth bridle with silver accented browband with rolled edges, patent gator noseband  & padded crown.  A very nice bridle for the showring.

This is a beautiful double bridle with metallic gold lamb browband accented with amber crystals.  Noseband padded with the same, brown faux gator inlay cavasson.




A fun colored snaffle bridle! Pink and white beaded browband with sterling silver, faux patent gator noseband with hot pink piping. Really stands out on a bay horse!

Brown snaffle bridle made with thicker strapwork.  Faux patent gator brow and matching cavasson.  Cream colored lining.

Black snaffle bridle kept simple but accented with patent leather on the brow and noseband. Gold piping highlights the patent leather.

A nice browband and cavasson set. You can update a plain bridle for a whole new look!

Fun with color and crystals! Cute buckles make a nice change too.


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